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General Questions

Can BIOL 3110L* count as my lab and a major elective? *or any other major course

No course can count twice towards the Biology major. You need three major electives in addition to all other requirements.

I’m a double major in PSYC (CBIO, BCMB, PBIO, etc). Can my research course count towards the Biology degree?

For a research course to count, it must be 4 hours and have received a grade A-F. You must submit a paper following the guidelines for BIOL 4960R  ( ) to, and we will determine if your research was biological in nature and rigorous enough to count for this requirement.

Can more than one research course count towards the Biology major?

Only one can count towards the major, but we encourage you to continue research as upper division electives.

Do I need upper division electives to graduate?

The Biology major covers from 31-36 of the 39 hours of upper division required to graduate with a UGA degree. You will need to satisfy these remaining hours with upper division (3000-level or higher) coursework through electives, a minor, Franklin requirements, or in rare instances core classes.

Do I have to take BIOL 1108 as a Biology major?

Yes, BIOL 1108 is a pre-req to many of our classes, and provides you the fundamentals to be successful in the major.

Do I have to take COMM 1100 to graduate?

COMM 1100 and 1500 are requirements for many other majors and colleges on campus, but not for the Biology major housed in Franklin College. These COMM classes do not count towards any of the Franklin College requirements, so we typically recommend other core classes that also count as Franklin requirements, unless you are interested in a professional program that requires it.

If I want to change my major, do I meet with you or an advisor for that major?

Typically, it is best to meet with an advisor in the new major. If the change is within the Division of Biological Sciences, we may be able to help you, but you will get the most accurate, up to date information from an advisor in the major you are considering.

Does BIOL 4940 count towards the major?

BIOL 4940, an internship course, is graded S/U and will not count towards the major. It does count as Experiential Learning. Contact your advisor for more information.

What courses in biology count as Experiential Learning?

BIOL 4940, the internship course, counts as Experiential Learning but not in the major itself. Within the major, BIOL 3110L, BIOL 4960R, Undergraduate Research, PBIO 3660L, Plant Biology Intensive Lab, GENE 4210L, 4220L, 4230L, 4240L, and MARS 4500, Field Study in Oceanography and Marine Methods, count as Experiential Learning as well as counting for major credit.

Can I take PEDB 1950E?

PEDB 1950E (Online Walking) is a course designed for very specific members of the UGA population. It is offered during the fall, spring and summer thru sessions, BUT enrollment is restricted and registration takes place on a first-come, first-serve basis. The specific criteria that must be met for a student to be eligible for the course can be found here:

What’s an easy class?

Rather than thinking of courses as hard or easy, we encourage you to find courses that sound interesting and engaging to you. Even the most difficult course can be easy if you are excited and interested in the material. Additionally, each student has unique strengths, and advisors cannot predict what those strengths will be.

Does the Biology department have any scholarships I can apply for?

The biology major isn’t housed in an academic department – but under the division of biological sciences which has 8 contributing departments. Check departments for additional scholarships.

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences does have several scholarships, some of these are for currently enrolled students and may not be applicable to an incoming student. 


Do CBIO 2200/2200L and 2210/2210L count in the Biology major?

While these classes are common prerequisites for some health intentions (such as pre-PA), they DO NOT count in the Biology major, even as major electives. The Biology major is composed of upper-division coursework approved to count towards the major.

How do I do undergraduate research for the Biology major?

First, you find a professor and lab to work with, and make sure the research is biological. Arrangements must be made in advance as the deadline is the last business day before the semester of research. You and your PI will both fill out paperwork describing the type of work you will be doing in the lab ( ). A final paper/report is required to receive credit toward the Biology major. The best place to start is the biological sciences departmental websites and other research units.

What kind of jobs can I find after graduation with a Biology degree?

The Career Center has many additional resources to help you with find positions. Here are a few to start:

Check out the US Government jobs site -  they often have short term research/lab tech positions – USDA, Center for Disease Control, US Forest Service, NPS, etc.

UGA also has research/lab tech positions The ones under no-benefits are typically part time and non-permanent, also look at the partial benefits and full benefit positions under research and lab.

Can I take BIOL 1103 and 1104 instead of 1107 and 1108?

BIOL 1103 and 1104 do not count towards the Biology major or other life science majors at the university. Even if you have another major that accepts the 1103 and 1104 sequence, you should take the 1107 and 1108 sequence for the Biology major.

Do I have to take BIOL 1103 and 1104 first before I take 1107 and 1108?

No, that sequence of courses is designed for people not majoring in the biological sciences. Those courses will not prepare you for the 1107/1108 sequence, and there would be no benefit to taking the 1103 and 1104 sequence as a Biology major.

If I retake X, will it replace the original grade?

No, both courses will factor into your GPA and appear on your transcript. UGA does not replace or erase former grades. Please note that you can only receive hours into the 120 required to graduate once per course (unless it is repeatable per the bulletin), so you may need additional courses to hit the 120 graduation requirement if you retake courses.

Should I go back and retake CHEM 1211?

This decision would be based on numerous factors, and depends on your future plans. Generally, it is recommended that you continue through the Chemistry sequence instead of retaking the course, but check with your advisor about your specific situation. If you have a pre-health intention, check with the pre-health advising office.

If I don't take X this semester, will I fall behind?

Every situation is different, and there is no set time to take courses as long as you are making progress through the major coursework.

Is there a Psychology minor?

UGA does not have a Psychology minor, but there many other options to choose from:

Do you know anything about (insert professor name here)? Are they hard?

Advisors do not recommend courses based on professors. Rather than thinking of professors as hard or easy, we encourage you to challenge yourself as preparation for future studies, especially if you are considering professional or graduate school, like medical school or Ph.D. programs. Additionally, each student has unique strengths, so a professor that seemed “hard” to your friends may have a teaching style that works very well for you.

Do I need to take 12 hours to get HOPE?

Please direct all questions about HOPE, Zell, or any other scholarship or financial aid questions to the Office of Financial Aid:

If I get A's in all these courses this semester, how much will it raise my GPA?

Degreeworks has a GPA calculator available to you calculate this.

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Undergraduate Research in Biology

Undergraduates majoring in biology have the opportunity to enhance their learning through direct participation in research and scholarship. At UGA, these opportunities enable undergraduates to participate in ground-breaking research, often as part of a team of graduate students and faculty. In fact, many students can earn academic credit while working under an experienced faculty mentor by taking BIOL 4960R or working directly with the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO). The Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Fellowship (BSURF) has been established to support undergraduate research opportunities in the Division of Biological Sciences within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. The Fellowship provides financial assistance to a student who has not had an opportunity to participate in a mentored research experience (paid, volunteer, or for credit) since matriculating to The University of Georgia.