Now you have control!

You can edit your own personnel page to keep your information up-to-date. It's really easy. You simply login with your UGA myID, navigate to your personnel page and click on the "edit" tab. 

A Note to Graduate Students, Post-Docs and New Faculty/Staff

If you are a graduate student, post-doc or new faculty member who does work in Biosciences, please put in a helpdesk ticket to the Franklin College Office of Information Technology so that the web team can add you to the site!

Steps to edit your personnel page

Login with your myID

Go to the login page and login with your UGA myID. If you have trouble logging-in, please put in a helpdesk ticket to the web team.

You may get a message to confirm security exception. Please confirm.

When you log-in, you will see your user account. This is not the same thing as your personnel page. Ignore this information, and go to the next step.

Go to your personnel page

Navigate there using the directory; click on your name to view your page. Important: You must go to your personnel page in the directory.

Click on the edit tab

If you are logged-in, there should be an edit tab above your personnel page; click it. Don't worry; site admins are the only other ones who have access to your page.

Edit your page

Some of your information that is already filled-out may need to be updated. Feel free to do so. Most personnel pages do not automatically have a biography, so tell folks about your staff. Your students, colleagues, visitors and prospective students all want to know! You are welcome to discuss your research interests as well. 

Click the "save" button

You must save your changes, or they will not take into effect.


Go to this link to log-out